Are you a home chef? Are you the master of your home kitchen? And, most importantly, do you love to cook?

If the answer is yes, then Dollop Online would love to feature you!

Dollop Online is a growing community of home chefs and food lovers. We love sharing and learning new recipes, techniques, tools to make your time in the kitchen even more fun and exciting. If cooking and learning are what you’re all about, then you are just the home chef for us. We’re always looking to collaborate with other people as passionate about food and drinks as we are!

So, what do you have to do to get started?

First, we ask that you send us a trial recipe with accompanying photos. We’re not going to use your pictures and recipe without your permission, but we want to see what skills (and plates) you’re bringing to the table.

When sending your trial recipe, remember that we want your best tasting recipe and most amazing photos! We want YOU on a plate. Can you do that? Of course, you can!

So, what format should you submit your trial recipe? Great question, we’re glad you asked!

  • Intro:
    • Introduce yourself and your recipe! You know you’re a top chef, we know it, so now it’s just a matter of letting the world know. Tell us what you’re making, what’s inside, why this recipe is so special to you, and most importantly, don’t be afraid to be yourself!
  • Ingredients:
    • List all of the ingredients you will use and, if there are brands you prefer using, let us know! List the proper measurements of each ingredient used and the order in which they are used. Also, if you have any substitutes or recommendations, don’t be afraid to write them down! The more information, the better.
  • Recipe:
    • List every one of your steps clearly and succinctly. Some of our readers are just getting into home cooking, so please do try and make your recipe as accessible as possible.
  • Once you’ve finished listing your ingredients and recipe, end your post with a blurb you feel sums up the process and engages our readers.

Things to Note When Becoming a Contributor:

  • This isn’t a full-time position. We run this blog because we love it and because we love it so much, we would only like to collaborate with people who feel the same way.
  • This collaboration is geared towards home chefs who:
    • Love cooking on their own and want to showcase their skills
    • Have their own food blog and would like to direct more traffic and gain more visibility
    • Or for those who do all of the above (you wonderful over-achievers, you)
  • Contributor Rates per Post:
    • $25/post, $5/photo published (most posts include about five photos, so the average rate per post can be $50) if we feature your recipe on our site.

Still interested? Email us at [email protected] We look forward to a great collaboration with you!

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