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​Level-up Your Home Cooking Skills

Dollop transforms you into a home chef by giving you ​the Recipes, Tools and Techniques you need to make incredible food at home.


Get instant access to 100's of exclusive recipes...

Fried Chicken Sandwich

​Dollop Online is a new way of cooking.

Whether you're a beginner home cook or a seasoned home chef looking to advance your skill set, Dollop is your one stop shop for all things cooking.

​This comprehensive platform is filled with recipes, our digital magazine and access an exclusive community of home chefs.

We engineered a new, fun and engaging way to learn ​how to become a home chef...

​What you get...


100s of Recipes

​Get access to a collection of hundreds of recipes. You'll never have the "what's for dinner" problem again!

Digital Magazine

​Our monthly digital magazine, gives you a gorgeous look at some of the best trends in home cooking.

Exclusive Community

​Our exclusive, members-only Facebook group, made up of home chefs from across the world are ready to answer any questions related to home cooking, day or night!


Get access to the ​premium resource for home cooks