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The 101 Must Know Recipes Cookbook Will Help You With...

The Best Recipes for the Home Cook

I've been cooking at home for over 15 years, learning what works and what doesn't work. In fact, I recently moved and I counted my cookbooks and there were over 100! I took the best recipes and created a must have cookbook for the home cook.

Healthy New Recipes

Cooking for yourself can be a great way to eat healthy and delicious food (and save money too!). This book gives you all the ideas and help you need to make great healthy food.

Great Recipes to Spice Things Up

Are you fed up of thinking up what to make for dinner tonight and love trying new recipes? Well this book will inspire you to try new things and make great food.

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What's INside?

  • My favorite soups, including French Onion Soup (page 7)
  • Healthy salads everyone will love, like a classic Caesar Salad (page 20)
  • Easy and authentic Italian recipes, like Lasagna (page 39)
  • The best, fresh seafood recipes, including Shrimp Scampi (page 50)
  • One of the easy, but often underappreciated proteins, chicken, and dishes like Buttermilk Fried Chicken. Who doesn’t love Fried Chicken? It’s even better at home (page 60)
  • The best steak recipes you could imagine, you’ll think you’re at an upscale steakhouse with dishes like Steak Tartare (page 72)
  • You never want to forget your veggies, so we included veggie dishes like Cauliflower Gratin (page 83)
Asparagus Soup
  • To expand our culinary borders, we included one of our favorite cuisines that can be made easily at home, Mexican! With dishes like Tacos Carnitas (page 91)
  • Whether it’s for movie night or sports night, you always need to know some good snacks, like Movie Theatre Popcorn (page 105)
  • Getting out of our comfort zone with some serious comfort and flavorful food, we tackle Indian, with dishes like homemade Butter Chicken (page 112)
  • One of the most versatile ingredients in the world, but can sometimes frustrate the home chef, we show you how to perfect eggs with dishes like a French Omelette (page 120)
  • Finally, who could forget about dessert, with sweet homemade treats like Chocolate Chip Cookies (page 130)

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