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​Level-up Your Home Cooking Skills

Dollop transforms you into a home chef by giving you ​the Recipes, Tools and Techniques you need to make incredible food at home.

(discounted lifetime access for $9.95 – regular price will increase to $60 per year when this offer expires)

Introducing DollopA new platform for home cooks

If you're passionate about cooking and want to be inspired to create new dishes, Dollop is for you! It explores recipes, inspires you with cuisines from around the world, and provides new and classic cooking techniques, along with all the tools to create great food.

(discounted lifetime access for $9.95 – regular price will increase to $60 per year when this offer expires)


Get instant access to a platform with 100's of exclusive recipes…

Dollop Online is a new way of cooking.

Whether you're a beginner home cook or a seasoned home chef looking to advance your skill set, Dollop is your one stop shop for all things cooking.

This comprehensive platform is filled with recipes, our digital magazine issues, and access to an exclusive community of home chefs.

We engineered a new, fun and engaging way to learn how to become a home chef…

If any of the above sounds like you, then we want to invite you to get lifetime access to Dollop.


A Digital Magazine Created for Home Cooks


For a limited time you can lock in a lifetime subscription.

That means you'll keep getting issues of the Dollop Magazine and any updates we do to the site and never pay again! This lifetime subscription is heavily discounted and only available for a limited time.

(discounted lifetime access for $9.95 – regular price will increase to $60 per year when this offer expires)


What you get…


100s of Recipes

Get access to a members only site with hundreds of recipes. You'll never have the “what's for dinner” problem again!

Digital Magazine

​Our monthly digital magazine, gives you a gorgeous look at some of the best trends in home cooking.

Exclusive Community

Our exclusive, members-only Facebook group, made up of home chefs from across the world, are ready to answer any questions related to home cooking, day or night!


Join the Dollop Community

Get it all now for just:

​$9.95 for life

(discounted lifetime access for $9.95 – regular price will increase to $60 per year when this offer expires)


​Frequently Asked Questions


How often do you release new content?

​We release content every day through our daily newsletter “The Taste Today”. The Dollop digital magazine is released monthly and we are constantly adding new collections and recipes to the site. ​

But don’t feel like you have to consume everything the moment it’s released. Everything we create is archived in the members area, so there’s no rush or pressure to access it in “real time.” Think of ​Dollop as your always-available, ​cooking library. There’s a reason it’s been called, “Netflix for ​Home Cooks.” 🙂


​What skills do I need to have to use Dollop?

Dollop was created for chef of all skill levels. There are a variety of recipes that will be appealing to all home chefs, beginners to the more advanced. Our monthly digital magazine also includes articles, tips & tricks, recipes and  techniques for all levels of home cook.s 


​What ​if I want to cancel? Am I locked into a contract?

You are getting exclusive early access to the Dollop platform and receiving lifetime membership,, so you'll never pay again for access to the Dollop platform. If you are unhappy, this purchase is backed by our 30 day satisifaction guarantee!

​Once I become a member, where should I start?

​Before you do anything else, you need to join the Facebook community (there is a link in the main Dollop members area you'll get a link for when you sign up)​, We encourage everyone to ask at least one burning question you have about home cooking when you join. (Don’t have a question? Don’t worry…we’ll give you a few ideas.) 

Then, there are lots of different areas you can explore, including the most recent issue of our digital magazine, Dollop, or any of the recipe collections we've created. 

​What's the catch? Why is it so cheap?

Well, we are just now launching the new platform and wanted to give our early followers exclusive access to the platform and the magazine.. The price will go up in the future, so lock in this great deal now!


What if I don't like it…?

While we think you'll love Dollop, we want to give you a guarantee in case you don't.If you're not happy with in the first 30 days of your membership to Dollop, we'll refund your money. No questions asked, no sales pitch, nothing. If you're not happy, we're not happy!Pretty simple.

Here's What To Do Next…

From here, it's just finalizing the details. Click on the button below and create your account, then we can finally get started! Thanks for taking the time to read this letter. I look forward to hearing about all the great food you create!. . . Matt WalkerEditor In Chief  | DollopP.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the page, here's the deal:When you get early access to the new cooking platform for home cooks –  “Dollop” – you'll get lifetime access to every issue of our digital magazine, an online hub of 100's of recipes and access to our exclusive community of home cooks… forever! If you want to try new recipes, be inspired in the kitchen and level up your cooking skills, you'll love Dollop.Oh, and if for some crazy reason you don't love it – we'll refund your money.Sound fair? Then what are you waiting for!?! Join Dollop today!


Join the Dollop Community

Get it all now for just:

​$9.95 for life

(discounted lifetime access for $9.95 – regular price will increase to $60 per year when this offer expires)


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