A Foodie World

A Dollop Digital Issue

Aug 8-12, 2022


Editor'S Note

 Hi There! Welcome to your free digital issue of DOLLOP MAGAZINE! In this issue, “A FOODIE WORLD” we are sharing brand new recipes that we’ve developed, based on your feedback. Enjoy learning how to prepare Salmon Penne, Cod Florentine and other favourites! In this week’s feature article, “Spotlight on Spinach,” learn all about the leafy green vegetable that is delicate enough for soups and salads but makes a wonderful addition to pasta and stew. We hope you’ll join us and let us help you put great, healthy and delicious meals on the table for your family and friends. Happy Cooking!

This Week's Recipes

Five Great Recipes To Try This Week

Salmon Penne

This is a simple recipe but it’s sure to impress! Fresh salmon and lemon are a match made in heaven and anchovies lend depth to this elegant pasta dish.

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Get inspired with this short article that inspired this week's menu

A Spotlight on Spinach

In this article, we discuss a green, leafy vegetable that is packed with nutrients and low in calories. Let’s look at the best ways to prepare it and why it’s good for you.

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